Who We Are

Naturally Grown Herbals for Inflammation

We believe the best active ingredients are grown in the ground, not synthesized in a lab

LifeShield’s ingredients include plant-based wholefoods, just as nature intended.
Naturally grown ingredients for inflammation

We believe in the power of bioactive herbal ingredients

The herbal ingredients in LifeShield have been carefully selected to support your body’s natural resiliency and stimulate vitality
LifeShield For healthy & Balanced Inflammation Response

We believe in the importance of a healthy & balanced inflammation response*†

Your body is constantly exposed to external stressors – your short & long-term health depends on how your body responds to these
LifeShield Inflammation Supplements Leverages the power of Science & Synergy

We believe in the power of science & synergy

Lifeshield’s 10 powerful herbs have remarkable synergy with each other and are proven to work better together (as shown in preclinical lab testing).
Natural Supplements for Whole-Body Inflammation

We believe in simplicity & radical transparency

LifeShield isn’t a miracle drug. It’s not an antidote to a misspent youth. It won’t turn you into a triathlete. You won’t wake up and look 10 years younger. It won’t replace a healthy diet or daily exercise. It is a high quality, highly effective supplement. With LifeShield, what you see is what you get. No B.S.


So, how did all this get started? I was worried about all of life’s stressors – work, family, money, society, the environment, nutrition, exercise – and how they cumulatively affect my wellbeing.

The more I read about these stressors, the more they worried me.  Especially their role in triggering long-term inflammation and the negative consequences inflammation can have on my health.  

This is the part where you expect me to tell you about a vision quest or a meeting with a mystic who told me to create a miracle product. That didn’t happen. No shamans. I’ve worked in the health and wellness industry a long time, so I asked smart people to give me advice on how to make a difference. Ultimately, I decided I preferred to take something grown in nature vs. made in a test tube, so I asked for help from people who know about plant-based products. Their expertise and input ultimately led to LifeShield.

I encourage you to read about LifeShield and if intrigued, try it for a month. If it doesn’t work, you can have your money back. If it does work, I encourage you to buy some more and tell your friends. If you like it a lot, make a video or send me a testimonial.

Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading. I think LifeShield is great and hope you will think it’s great too.


LifeShield Product Lead